Unlock the secret to more sleep. A tailored sleep routine with a customized sleep schedule will revolutionize bedtime for both you and your baby.

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Lesson 1
Why sleep matters

Find everything you need to know about the basics of sleep.

The Most Common Misconceptions about Baby Sleep

Lesson 2
How to create a routine

The best routines are based on knowing exactly what your baby wants and needs. From sleep cycles to teaching good habits, we can tell you more.

Baby Sleep Training Basics and Methods


Pampers Solution to Better Sleep

See how Lumi enables you to unlock your baby’s sleep using personalized insights about your baby

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Unlock baby’s routine with 24/7 sleep tracking & personalized insights
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Lesson 3
Watch and learn

We’ve put together some useful videos and masterclasses that explain more about the steps you can take to reach your dream sleep situation.

Pampers products for sleep

Lesson 4
Perfect their sleep space

Sleep conditions are key when it comes getting your baby cosy, comfortable and ready for sweet dreams.

Lesson 5
Common bedtime issues

Are your baby’s sleep patterns disrupting your rest time? We’ve got some solutions to try.

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