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Lumi's award-winning sleep coaching app will have your baby sleeping better in just 7-days

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‘‘We went from 10 hours of broken nighttime sleep and 30-minute naps to 11+ hours of solid sleep and 2-hour naps.”

- nicole

Ever wondered...

  • Why your baby wakes at night?​
  • How to get through sleep regressions?​
  • Why your baby fights naps?

You’re not alone!
75% of babies experience difficulties sleeping

That’s why we created the Lumi Smart Sleep Coach App:

  • Expert sleep know-how
  • Tools to get on track and stay on track
  • Easy-to-use affordable app

So you and your baby can sleep better.


How it works

Lumi’s A, B, Cs, to better Zzzzs

  • We coach. Our Pediatric sleep experts will take you step-by-step to sleep success

  • You log. Record your baby’s sleeps directly within the app

  • We analyze. Daily and weekly sleep insight reports measure your baby’s progress

Zzzzz your baby sleeps!

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Meet your Zzzz team

Dr. Craig Canapari, Pediatrician, Dad

Pediatrician specializing in the care of babies with sleep issues, Director of the Pediatric Sleep Center, and a father of two. He has built a comprehensive sleep program for children and is board certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Pulmonology, and Sleep Medicine.

Kylee Money, Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Pediatric sleep consultant with 20 years of experience working on eveything from sleep coaching to cognitive behavioral change, and more. Kylee is a sought-after parenting coach and frequent contributor to award-winning resources, as well as a parenting expert for CBS News.

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Lumi features


Video tutorials by pediatric sleep experts designed to solve YOUR baby’s sleep struggles.


Easy sleep tracking for sleep, feeding, and diapers, keeping it all in one place.


Daily sleep reports with a rundown of the past 24 hours so you can approach each day with confidence.


Sleep support from 0-16 months to navigate the many regressions and nap transitions as your baby grows.


Multi-caregiver – it takes a village – so you can invite grandma, grandad, the nanny, babysitters, and more!

Why sleep matters so much


Sleep is when memories are stored, and when most of babies’ crucial brain development happens


Good sleep now can help with behavior and learning, and reduce risk of obesity, later on


Moms whose babies sleep well are at lower risk for postpartum depression

“I couldn’t believe the difference in
my baby’s sleep in just 7 days”

Why parents say they Lumi

I got more ‘me time’ once my baby started sleeping better

– Samantha
I enjoyed being a mom again, I felt refreshed

– Danielle
My baby sleeps better and falls asleep faster, thanks to the video tutorials

– Victor
I felt supported every step of the way including through sleep regressions and set-backs

– Danielle
It helped me avoid bad habits with the reliable tracking tools and clear routine

– Yasmine

Our mission

We’re on a mission to make it easy for every family to sleep better. We apply state-of-the-art technology to science-based sleep understanding so that we can make quality, credible sleep support accessible to everyone – because every baby and their family deserve better sleep!


Lumi is designed for

Every parent who wants their baby to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up happy in the morning. Whether you’re struggling with sleep or simply making sure you’re doing what’s best for your family, we have you covered.

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