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Everything you need to transform your baby’s sleep. By Pampers.

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We know that every baby is different

That’s why the Smart Sleep Coach App puts your baby’s unique sleep challenges at the heart, and carefully crafts personalized sleep plans tailored to your baby (and you).

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«We know that every baby is different»: Dad with his baby

How It Works

Fully custom sleep plan, that grows with your baby

Fully custom sleep plan, that grows with your baby

Smart Schedule that predicts optimal sleep times

Smart Schedule that predicts optimal sleep times

Exclusive expert content to reach sleep success

Exclusive expert content to reach sleep success

Step-by-step guidance, every step of the way

Step-by-step guidance, every step of the way

No More

  1. Expensive Consultants


  2. Exhausting Books & Courses

    Exhausting Books
    & Courses

  3. Tracking with Pen and Paper

    Tracking with
    Pen and Paper

«No more»: Smart Sleep Coach app

Better Sleep Starts Today

With our Smart Sleep Plan Generator

We’ll ask a series of questions to understand your baby’s unique sleep needs, challenges, and environment, so we can generate your custom sleep plan and support you on your way to better sleep.

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Backed by Experts, Loved by parents

Thousands are getting their sleep back

«Thousands are getting their sleep back»: Ashley testimonial video

Structure is one of the most important things for sleep. Having the schedule is such a wealth of knowledge to have.

Ashley Palm City, FL
«Thousands are getting their sleep back»: Janice testimonial video

Choosing to sleep coach was the single most loving thing we’ve done to date! (I’m not kidding!)

Janice Chicago, IL
«Thousands are getting their sleep back»: Amber testimonial video

I'm amazed that River was immediately sleeping through the night after following the coach's suggested timeline.

Amber Atlanta, GA
«Thousands are getting their sleep back»: Meredith testimonial video

I’ve gotten so much out of it... Super helpful because you can plan for when she’s going to sleep, be hungry, it’s so helpful

Meredith Long Island, NY
Katie testimonial video

Really good and intuitive. It helped us nail down a daytime sleep schedule to deal with constant overnight wakeups.

Katie Baltimore, MD

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We want all our users to be completely satisfied with their purchase, that’s why we offer a no obligation 7-day free trial with both our 3-month and annual subscription packages.

With this free trial, you’ll get full access to the app features and content, so you can experience the product firsthand!

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Family slides: Sandra & Riley
Sandra & Riley

Sandra needed to go back to work, Riley (8m) couldn’t fall asleep alone.

Sleep Plan #4B71
Family slides: Sarah & Ali
Sarah & Ali

Ali (15m) would fight bedtime every night, and frequently woke up, crying unless rocked back to sleep.

Sleep Plan #3VBR0
Family slides: Tara & Oliver
Tara & Oliver

Oliver (5m) would only fall asleep while feeding, Tara needed a break from the night wakings.

Sleep Plan #8Q3G
Family slides: Chelsea & Lucas
Chelsea & Lucas

Lucas (5m) often woke at 4am and didn't settle down until 9 or 10pm for bed.

Sleep Plan #CTK6

Better Sleep Can Improve Your Health

Moms whose babies sleep well are at lower risk for postpartum depression

«Better Sleep Can Improve» : Happy Mom with her baby

Who We Are

We’re parents on a mission to make it easy for every family to sleep better.

We’ve been there ourselves. Suffering through regressions,

Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers
«Who we are» : Mom playing with her baby


We’re here to answer your questions

Is sleep training safe for my baby?

Yes, sleep training is safe and healthy for your baby, it’s scientifically proven. By building a foundation of healthy sleep habits for your baby you’re nurturing their brain and body development, behavior, and learning. You can even reduce the risk of obesity.

The Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ app is powered by science, backed by experts and personalized. Our app was developed together with Dr. Canapari, a pediatrician who specializes in caring for children with sleep issues, Kylee Money & Mandy Treeby, both sought-after sleep coaches, and pediatric sleep consultants and Yael Shy, experienced mindfulness coach.

Our custom sleep plans use proven methods that are both safe and effective at improving babies’ sleep.

What is baby sleep coaching?

Sleep coaching is the process of helping your baby fall asleep independently, so they can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and put themselves back to sleep if they wake up during the night.

Is the Smart Sleep Coach worth it?

You will start to see sleep improvements in a matter of days. Proven methods matched with powerful technology will be able to line up sleep with your baby's natural rhythms, and notifications are there to keep you on track. It's 100% worth it!

How does it compare to other solutions?

We took the best of what's on the market today and put it into a single, app based solution combining proven sleep science, with powerful AI tools to automatically adjust and optimize sleep times to match your babies natural rhythms. That's what makes us breakthrough!

How long does it take for my baby’s sleep to improve?

Many parents who use the Smart Sleep Coach consistently report sleep improvements in as little as 7 days. But of course, every baby is different so it’s hard to give a perfect answer.

When can I start training my baby to sleep with the Smart Sleep Coach?

Healthy sleep habits can begin the day you bring your baby home from the hospital, our scheduling tool is crafted to align with your baby’s natural sleep rhythms and support you as they grow. Sleep is a journey you’ll go on together. Everything from creating a bedtime routine and an ideal sleep environment can set you up for sleep success from the beginning.

By around 4-months old, you can teach your baby how to fall asleep independently. It’s a good idea to check with your pediatrician if your baby is ready before starting this process.

What if my baby goes to daycare?

No problem, you can update the app with their daycare naps when you pick them up and the Smart Sleep Schedule will automatically update for you!

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, and you will maintain access until the end of your original subscription period or until the end of your free trial.

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